Monday, October 21, 2013

30 Day Cleanse Update

Today would mark Day 15 on the cleanse, the middle day, almost finished right? Well, I decided that I couldn't be on a diet anymore--I needed a break--I was done (I've technically been on a "diet" for a month and a half). A lot has been going on in my personal life since Wednesday, more than I want to talk about in a public blog. Doing this cleanse began getting in the way of work and personal relationships in a way that should never happen. Last week I became obsessed with my weight and how my body looked. To top it off I was having horrible cravings, I was super cranky, and extremely tired of planning so much and not being able to enjoy meals away from home with my extended family. Part of cleansing and losing weight is to become happier and more at peace with yourself and when a cleanse becomes more of an obsession than a 'cleanse' it is time to stop and focus on what is really important. I recently read a blog post that really brought this message home to me and I realized I was focusing more on my body and my food than my relationships and my work. If you have a chance to read Marlena Torres's blog Health Through Indulgence she really has some good advice on how to learn to love yourself instead of judging.

Now, after saying all of this I want to first say that I loved the cleanse I was on and I will probably do one or two or all three of the phases again one day, when I have the time to focus on it. I really like this cleanse, which my mom has recently named "10/20/30 Day Revive, A real food plan to Reshape, Repair, Restore" because the diet is easy to follow and it is also easy on the budget. There are no expensive super foods to buy, you just use what is available and in season (like cucumbers). Also it is not too extreme. I have gotten pretty extreme in my eating habits, but this is a diet any one could implement and it can be customized to fit any person no matter what they are used to eating. I will say though if you are addicted to carbs and sugars you will have some major withdrawals when you begin this diet because the sugars are almost completely eliminated. Which is excellent to get anyone eating healthier for life.

Just because I have gone off serious dieting to focus on my spiritual life, work, and relationships doesn't mean I am not going to eat healthfully. Nor does it mean I will go silent on my blog. I want to go back to my own version of a 80/10/10 ish / rawish diet. I loved how the focus on fruits made my cravings almost completely disappear and so that is what I will be shooting for. I want to eat peacefully and enjoy my food without obsessing about it. What you see above is my dinner from last night, stir fry on top of a roasted spaghetti squash and topped with raw Napa Cabbage from my mom's garden. It was so yummy I stuffed myself (which is also something I am trying not to do). I will be sharing periodically some more recipes and what my husband and I both eat so, if you are trying to eat healthy, but have to cook for more than yourself you can get some good ideas. I also have a guest post planned from someone I admire very much and this post is definitely something you do not want to miss. I have some good stuff planned for you and some more recipes coming your way very soon!

Happy Juicing!!!

Have you ever decided to 'diet' by not dieting? How did you feel? 

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