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10/20/30 Day Revive, A real food plan to Reshape, Repair, Restore

I asked my mom, Susan, creator of this last cleansing plan I did, to write a guest post for my blog. She really is a great inspiration to me! I love my mom and I am so glad she is around so I can bug her with all of my health questions. She has inspired me to be a better person, not only in health, but also in my personal life. You can find her at she has just begun her health coaching journey, but she has been on her own health journey for as long as I can remember. Look her up she has so much wisdom to share and she loves to help people in their own personal journey.

My Dad and Mom on top of Poughkeepsie Gulch

Me, my mom, and my sister Courtney holding on in the back of my dad's cruiser.


Did you know you are a perfect, valuable person?  Have you ever thought of yourself in that way before?  Let’s talk about how valuable you are so that when you think about yourself, you will have this warm fuzzy feeling and be able to share that with others around you.  In order to truly love and care for those around us, which some women have this gift naturally, we do need to love ourselves.  I’m sure you’ve known someone who is very self -absorbed and cannot reach outside of themselves.  Most likely this person does not like him/herself very much.   Now I’m sure you know how you don’t want to be so let’s talk about your value and how to truly value yourself.
Value yourself enough to eat well, sleep enough, nourish your spiritual life, move your body, excite your brain power, care about someone.  You alone have the power and the freedom to make a change.  While you are still breathing, there is hope and since you’re reading this, you are still breathing!  Yay!  Now, how to accomplish this in a fast-paced, busy, “there’s just not enough time in the day” kind of life.

          1)       Make a salad or soup your first priority when planning a meal.                               
          2)       Drink water before eating a snack.
          3)      Only eat fruit and vegetables for snacks.
          4)      Read Alissa’s blog and make her recipes!
          5)      You’ll feel better about yourself!

1)      6-8 hours/night.  
2)      Go to bed and get up at the same time every day if possible.
3)      If I wake during the night, I like to pray, it calms my soul.
4)      You’ll get more done during the day!

1)       Take time to detox from noise every day.
2)       Tune out and turn off electronics for a while every day.
3)       Find a group to be nourished by and to nourish others.
4)       Listen!
5)       You’ll feel more compassionate!

1)       Love yourself enough to exercise 3-7 days a week!
2)       You don’t have to run a marathon to call it exercise!
3)       The people that live the longest, healthiest lives walk every day, and garden!
4)       Choose something YOU like to do not something someone told you to do!
5)       You’ll have more energy!

1)       Read to yourself or someone else.
2)       Memorize something.
3)      Sing or play an instrument!  Music makes you smart and happy!
4)      Breath deeply every day.  Your brain needs oxygen!
5)      Learn a new skill!  You’ll feel smart and powerful!

CARE ABOUT SOMEONE                                                                                                   
1)       Give a hug to someone in need.
2)      Water a plant!  Even plants need love!
3)      Make delicious healthy food for someone!
4)      Keep silent!  Show someone you care by just listening!

You probably know all this but maybe you can look at it a little differently by seeing your value first and then seeing the ripple that this shift can make around you.


Now here’s my favorite go-to, fast, easy, healthy and tasty recipe to delight you and your taste buds from 5 Leaves and 2 Wishes health coach!


Sweet Potato – done to perfection in the oven.  Wrap in foil and bake 45 min. to 1 hr.  Then slice in half and take a moment to look at the beauty of that deep orange.  So beautiful and delicious!  Microwave without foil if you’re in a real hurry!
Black Beans - 1 can or 2 cups, cooked
Salsa - 1-2 cups fresh or cooked, your favorite kind will do

Combine beans and salsa in a sauce pan and heat thoroughly until desired temperature.  Pour over sweet potato and enjoy with a tossed salad.  A beautiful, colorful, vegetarian, complete meal.  Did I mention fast and easy?  Oh, and cheap too!

Susan Dupper      
Proud Mom, Health Coach and Fitness Trainer
5 Leaves and 2 Wishes                                                                              
Author of the 10/20/30 Day Revive, A real food plan to Reshape, Repair, Restore (A work in progress)    

Happy Juicing!!!

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