Monday, October 14, 2013

30 Day Cleanse: Day 8

Finally on the last two days of the first 10. I have been having cravings today! Granted this diet is not as extreme as what my diet has been; I've been cooking my food, eating beans, and some whole grains. But I am really missing sweet fruits, chocolate, and almond butter. I am so excited to be able to add in chocolate, nuts, and squashes next week! I can't wait!

Today's Eats...

1 pear
24 oz kale stems, cucumber, beet, oranger, ginger juice
1 pear
8 oz No Pumpkin Cream, warmed

Baked and raw daikon radish hash with siracha sauce and homemade, raw ketchup
Apple pie quinoa topped with buckwheat crunchies and pomegranate (not on the cleanse, didn't realize this until I had spent the time opening 3 of them--my husband will get to enjoy the fruits of my labors, "sigh")
Leftover Quinoa Bowl

Happy Juicing!!!

How is everyone doing who accidentally started this diet with me? Are you having any cravings?

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