Thursday, October 17, 2013

30 Day Cleanse: Day 11

Today was a really down day for me. I am not sure what the problem was...maybe I ate too much last night, maybe it was weighing myself, maybe the weather is changing,  maybe it just carried over from the bad night I had last night. Whatever it was I was pretty depressed today. I juiced during the day, but just felt like I needed something tonight so I ate some leftover soup and that seemed to do the trick. I feel a little better now, but I really need sleep so I'm gonna keep it short.

Today's eats

8 oz hot lemon water
24 oz "Waldorf Salad" Morning Cleansing Juice
24 oz "Fall Harvest" Midday Cleansing Juice (really yummy!)
24 oz carrots, kale, ginger, apple, cucumber, lime juice
1/2 bottle of homemade berry kombucha
Daikon radish and asparagus soup
a couple of the cookies I made last night
fudge brownie chocolate protein bars (which are very good, I didn't put protein powder in them and I used agave for sweetener. But the vegan chocolate chips probably are cheating. I probably won't eat much more of them because I don't think that black beans are very nice to my system.)

Happy Juicing!!!

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