Wednesday, October 16, 2013

30 Day Cleanse: Day 10

Yeah! First phase is finished and on to the second phase. I can eat nuts now...So excited, but first a three day juice cleanse :)

Today's eats (oh I did cheat today. I ate organic ketchup, mustard, and I forgot my stevia at work so I sweetened my cleanse-ok cookies with agave.)

8 oz Hot Lemon Water
Lots of tea
16 oz beet carrot ginger orange
Jicama with All-Veggie Hummus
16 oz kale, lime, apple, cucumber, lettuce, ginger
3 baby carrots
1 pear
Leftover kale salad

Lentil Cauliflower Burger wrapped in lettuce, with raw onion rings (Ani Phyo) and raw daikon radish fries.
To end the night I made some quinoa spice cookies, which I will post the recipe when I finish tweaking.

Happy Juicing!!!

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