Friday, April 12, 2013

The Big Juice Spring Clean Day 5

The end is here! Well, maybe not here, but near. Today one cleansing plan ends and tomorrow I will start on a new one--right after I reward myself with the Detoxinista's Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake! I use almond butter instead of Peanut Butter and add a huge handful or two of spinach. This has become one of our favorite smoothies. 

Today I felt really good. I had energy, I was happy, and I was very peaceful. I can't say that I just wanted to go go go, but I had enough energy to be awake all day and really get my work done. I guess I would call it peaceful energy. I really like this feeling. Today we had one of the best juices on the plan. It was a combination of pear, apple, lime, and wait for it...parsnip...amazing!!! (The recipe also called for mint, but I didn't put it in, because I didn't have any.) One way to stay on a juicing cleanse is to drink juices you really enjoy, that helps ALOT! I did get hungrier tonight than I have been so I made some canela tea and that is effectively curing my hunger as I write. 

If you have never had canela tea before you have to try is just cinnamon tea. Start a small pot of water simmering, break up a stick or two of cinnamon or canela (the best cinnamon sticks for this tea can be found at any Mexican or Hispanic Market) and throw it into the pot, let the water simmer until the pot is half full then fill it up with cold water and wait for it to get warm. Once the water is hot/warm pour some into a cup and add sweetener (and nut milk, if you want). Traditional canela is served with lots of sugar and sometimes milk. 

In other non-juicy news...Tahini anyone?

Today I went to the store to stock up on my fruits and veggies and was going to buy some tahini so my husband could make hummus for this coming week since I am still not cooking. But all the tahini I could find was so expensive and most of it was roasted. I thought, I make almond and coconut butter why not tahini? So instead of buying a $7 jar of tahini I bought a $3.30 pound bag of organic sesame seeds. When I got home I poured about half of the bag in my food processor and...boom...

in a few minutes I had smooth, creamy, warm inexpensive, tahini. I think the half pound made about half of what is in a regular jar of tahini that you would buy at the store, but I didn't measure. 

Happy Juicing!!!

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