Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Big Juice Spring Clean Day 4

Is it already day four? Wow this has gone by so fast. I have been going back and forth in my mind whether I want to continue and finally decided that I did want to continue juicing for another eight days. I really just want to kick my addiction to food and although I know it will take more than just these juice cleanses I can already see a huge improvement. For one thing I am not craving the foods that I used to crave like pizza and burgers and other things which is nice. I do have a nagging feeling that I just want to eat ANYTHING. But I know I really don't want to--so meal plan and shopping list made the cleanse continues.

Today I didn't feel exactly "high on juice" I did feel much more calm and relaxed at work which is nice. I believe I just don't get enough sleep during the week or the time to work out so I don't know if I will exactly get that "high" we will see I guess. I did learn why I gain weight and just want to eat when I am at work. STRESS! Today four of my boys were being extremely inappropriate with each other and I had to put them on red (discipline rainbow) which means I had to talk to all of their parents. Out of anything I have to do I dislike talking to parents about their child's misbehavior the most. I feel so bad because their kids are really good kids and I feel like they are not going to have as nice of an evening because I had to talk to them. But the students make choices and I have to be consistent and follow through with my promises (or threats, however you want to look at it). So at the end of the day I just wanted to leave, I was super stressed, and I wanted to EAT. I was very surprised and pleased that the sweet carrot-orange juice took care of my "need" to eat.

Today I realized two things I extremely enjoy about juicing:
     1. There is very little clean-up compared to a regular meal
     2. I don't really have to think about making my meals--just throw in the juicer and go!

Very nice for a busy person like me :)

Happy Juicing!!!

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