Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Big Juice Spring Clean Day 3

Well today was not as nice as yesterday. I did not get up and work out at all, which tends to happen more often than I would like. So my day started at 5 a.m. again. I am hoping to do a short yoga class later tonight, but I still have homework to finish. 

Today I felt tired all day. The kids (I am a preschool teacher for anyone who is curious) were wound up today after their snow day and it was too cold to go outside. I ended up eating three pieces of fruit around 11 right before my first juices. I gave myself the excuse that it was my hunger SOS, but realized in about 5 min (when I drank my first juice) that I didn't need it. I was just so frazzled getting the kids settled and I was pretty hungry that I didn't think straight. I am sure tomorrow will be better. 

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday that I ended my wonderful day with a nice conversation with Kibby from We talked about cleansing and I am so thankful that she took the time to answer some of my questions. She is so sweet and I love her blog, especially the Thoughtful Thursdays which always have loads of wonderful information and interesting articles. If you get a chance check out her blog! I have really learned a lot from her. 

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