Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Juice and A New Goal!

Well I know I promised this post a couple days ago and I am sorry it has taken so long, I got a little sidetracked. I started reading Natalia Rose's book The Raw Food Detox Diet. I really enjoyed reading it, at first. Then I read the step about proper food combinations and I began feeling really depressed. I realized that I should not be eating some of my favorite combinations, such as sandwiches (bread, cheese, and nuts (for vegan cheeses) should not be mixed. I LOVE sandwiches. And, as a Hispanic, one of my husband's favorite meals is eggs, beans, and tortillas. Also should not be mixed. :(
So I got depressed and got out the leftovers from one of my vegetarian meats made from peanuts (also bad apparently), some provolone cheese, and smothered both in lots of miracle whip (also a favorite). So now that temptation is gone at least. But this is going to be a struggle, right now my goal is to practice making food in proper combinations that will make digestion easier on my body. That is all, not to be 'raw till dinner' or anything else. I'll let you know when I have to stop thinking about how to put things together and it comes more natural. (In the little test Natalia has in her book both my husband and I scored a 2, which is very high raw, but we decided we are not mentally ready for this level. We have been eating at a level 3 for a while so we will continue at this level until I need a new goal.)

Ok, Green Juice! I started juicing about 4 months ago and I HAD to use recipes and there are a gazillion on the internet. I came up with a couple REALLY nasty juices at first, but I have learned better combinations since. This week I made a few really good ones with some interesting ingredients. My mom grows lettuce, chard, cabbage, and other goodies in pots in the backyard and so a lot of these ingredients are from her "pot" garden ;)

 Zucchini Green Limeade

1 large zucchini (from my mom's garden:)
1 stalk broccoli (I eat the florets and save the stalks for juicing)
1 lime (with or without skin
1 Apple
1 handful Swiss Chard
1 handful Parsley

Juice, Pour over ice and enjoy. I like my juices tart sometimes, so you may need to sweeten this with Stevia

Sparkling Cactus Green Juice 

1 large cactus leaf 
2 lemons
1 apple
2 - 4 dropperfuls Stevia
1 bottle sparkling water

Juice the cactus first as it is slimy, then juice the fruits. Pour juice into a blender and add stevia and ice to taste. Pour into glass about 1/3 full. Add 2/3 sparkling water. Enjoy!

My husband told me that he thought this was the best juice I have made so far. 

My next juice includes Kombucha. I honestly still don't really know what this is, but I like it, ALOT. I was going to make Pumpkin Pie Kombucha from The Vegetable Centric Kitchen, but I was going for green juice this week and the Kombucha I naively bought worked out perfectly!

Green Juice Kombucha with Cactus

1 large cactus leaf
1 medium cucumber
1 big handful of parsley
2 handfuls of Swiss Chard
1 Bottle Green Kombucha

Juice all vegetables and place juice in a blender with a little stevia and ice. (The juice by itself is fairly good so if you don't have Kombucha you can still drink the juice). After blending slowly combine with the Kombucha and share with a friend or enjoy alone!

On a side note, look what I found at Natural Grocers today! Really good and raw! But kind of expensive, I won't be buying them often. 


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