Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Recipe, Challenge and ... Fast or Feast?

Well there has been so much going on lately I have not had time to post anything. I have made two resolutions since my last post which I would like to share with you. But first, the moment you have been waiting for...! 

Strawberry Rhubarb Juice (Creamed)

Yes I finally did it, I figured out the recipe--it is smooth and sweet!

1 pint strawberries
1 1/2 long stalks rhubarb
1 medium beet with greens (add extra greens if desired)
2 sweet apples
2 limes or lemons

Juice all ingredients and top with a little cinnamon and nutmeg (you may also want to add a little vanilla stevia depending on your taste-buds). 

To cream--after juicing the ingredients pour into a blender and add a banana and an avocado (I think that is what I did, I will have to look at this recipe again when I get home so the creamed version might change a bit in a few days) and blend until smooth. Top with toasted almond and coconut meal leftover from making nut milks. And most importantly ENJOY!!!

On to my two resolutions and I am very sorry but I do not have pictures for this part. 

There has been one constant in my life for the last two months...STRESS! It has ruled my eating choices and also my purchasing choices so I decided I was going to spend less money on groceries (I happen to be addicted to food shopping. Can anyone relate?) Well to do this I decided I needed a plan and there are soooo many amazing blogs with recipes on them, I decided to try and go through them making the recipes found on these blogs. I will try to remember to tell you on my page on facebook what I am eating that day. Also I will try to post my husband's and my favorites for the week. I am hoping this will be fun and also save me money :)

So my next decision... I recently looked at my eating decisions and they have not been good. Basically I have been eating everything I can get my hands on in the last couple of months and it has gotten so bad I cannot stop eating, especially chocolate and sweets! So Friday morning I stepped on the scale and instantly decided I needed to go on a juice fast because what I was doing was not working...Hello my name is Alissa and I am addicted to food! So I started with what I had, a green juice, two smoothies, and another green juice to end the day. Today, Saturday, was my first full-blown juice fast and I had a very difficult time. We didn't do much today--just play with my two-year-old nephew and wait for my newborn nephew to wake-up (which I don't think ever happened). So I got very frustrated today and finally went for a walk to clear my head, but I am going to do this fast because I do not want my life run by food adding to the stress that is already piling on top of me. 

I don't like the word fasting...Courtney Pool from and calls it juice feasting. I love the term feasting because it is something you want to do not have to do and when you juice you are feasting on an extreme amount of nutrients. So I am going to use the word feasting. 

This week I will be feasting on juice. I will add in a smoothie Friday afternoon and for dinner raw soup and salad. Would anyone like to join me? Post on my facebook page the best juice you ate that day and I will keep you up-to-date on what I am drinking and how I am doing through out the week!

Happy Juicing!!!

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  1. I like the term Feasting much better, too! It's all about abundance! Great blog, Alissa!