Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Recap

Well, I thought I was going to have lots of time this summer to study health, have some leisure time,
write blog posts, and make the recipes on my blog more accessible. Obviously that didn't happen since you have been checking my blog all summer and not finding any new posts. I have lots to share with you and many new recipes I am VERY excited about. But first I thought I would write a post about what I did this summer. Even though this summer ended up not being the best for me health-wise I did find some fun healthy food items and different, healthier ways of cooking some fun things.
The first thing we did this summer was to go camping. We always take a week off the first week of June for our anniversary (and because I am exhausted from school). We have been married six years now! I still can't believe its been this long. homemade graham crackers and dark chocolate bars with sea salt. We also got to go White Water Rafting down Brown's Canyon, which is so much fun! and I have found an enjoyment of bike riding. We did a 36 mile round trip ride to the museum and back to our apartment for the free day. We were so tired at the museum we saw one exhibit and then sat down to rest and drink our green juice for the rest of the time before we rode home.
We didn't do anything super exciting this year, just chilled at home and went camping for a few days
near Buena Vista, which is beautiful! This camping trip did not include many of the food items that I am used to eat when we went camping. We did still eat canned vegetarian hot dogs and we roasted a lot of veggies over the campfire. I think my favorite food was sweet potatoes cut into strips and cooked inside aluminum foil on top of the campfire--YUM! I don't think we used the camp stove once during this trip. I also made sure to bring sprouted hot dog buns and I ate roasted zucchini instead of the hot dogs. This year I found some vegetarian marshmallows, which are still full of nasty sugars, but don't have the gelatin in them that most marshmallows have, after seeing a picture of bones on facebook, which gelatin is made from, I can't eat things with gelatin anymore. The marshmallows did not burn like normal marshmallows and I didn't have quite as much fun with them, but they did taste good, especially with some sea salt dark chocolate.
The next week I started my summer class, which turned out to be a lot of work, but very informative and now, if I can't tell you all about Special Education Law--I can at least tell you where to find what you want :) 

Chava and I only had about two weeks to get started on our summer classes and then some of our very good friends came to visit us. We got to go to the Aquarium--very nice, go hiking, and spend a day at Water World--soo much fun. We did eat at Cinzetti's after Water World, which I hope not to repeat. I am learning that one of the best ways to realize I don't want to do something unhealthy is to do it and realize how awful I feel afterwards, I am much less likely to repeat the same mistake because I remember that feeling.
We then traveled to Ouray for the Fourth of July with my parents and tried out my dad's Land Cruiser which he just finished rebuilding. He climbed up Poughkeepsie Gulch right after someone who had rolled a very nice jeep down the steepest part. While in Ouray I learned that when I do not have a juicer around a Green Smoothie makes an amazing breakfast! I am sad we didn't get to see fireworks this year, but the nighttime jeep parade was super fun:)

So then after a week of being home and trying to get caught up on classes, we drove to Lincoln Nebraska for a good friend's wedding. Which was very beautiful and it was so much fun seeing some friends we hadn't seen since college.
The last two weeks of summer were spent finishing my paper for the summer class and putting my classroom back together after the summer. I was not ready to start back to work, but as soon as my new students walked in the door I remembered why I decided to teach! I am loving my new preschool class (not that I didn't love my class last year, but every class is different and I love each of them for different reasons) and I am also enjoying my new assignment as the first and second grade reading teacher. Its a new learning curve for me so I wasn't able to start my fall class and I hope this gives my some time to write a little more on my blog :) (no promises).
To end the summer we just got back from visiting some friends from high school, one of whom is moving and I am going to miss her very much! but we had such a fun weekend! we got to make-up not seeing fireworks on the Fourth by watching the show at Fort Carson! A nice end to a very eventful summer.
So now that summer is over and I have slowly gotten into eating less and less healthy I have planned some new goals, which I will talk about later, but I have started a month of eating raw food and am excited to see how my body handles a totally raw diet. I don't feel ready to go completely raw forever, but I am exited for a challenge this month. I hope to keep you updated and post some recipes which have been waiting since April to be posted, but again no promises:)

Happy Juicing!

How was your summer? Did you do anything excited? Did you keep up with your health goals this summer?

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